Welcome to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's PRISM Project. PRISM is a free website that provides collections of online resources for Indiana educators in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The primary collection of digital teaching materials is indexed according to the Indiana Academic Standards and Common Core Standards for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and secondary education courses. 

Schools and educators are provided full access to the learning management system hosted by PRISM to create and facilitate an unlimited number of academic courses. The PRISM Team provides FREE online training to PRISM members on digital pedagogy and learning management system applications.

Resources and Membership: Feel free to make an account, browse the site resources, search for instructional materials, and set up your own online courses.

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    Congratulations to Survey Winners!!

    de Nicki Manion -

    Teacher Professional Development Survey

    PRISM Project, hosted by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, is a K-12 teacher development program supported by the Lilly Endowment.  We provide digital resources and professional development opportunities in STEM-related areas.  To help us plan events, we reached out to K-12 educators to ask: if you had a professional development genie and you had an unlimited number of wishes, what would you wish for?  What kinds of incentives and formats are most appealing to you?  What kinds of barriers are preventing you to attend workshops?

    Educators who participated in our survey had a chance to win a $100 or $50 Amazon gift card by entering their email address. 

    Grid course format now available

    de Ryan Smith -

    The Grid course format is now available for all teachers to use in their courses. The Grid course format allows you to create a grid of icons (one for each topic) with short titles. Clicking on an icon will load that particular course topic. You can change an existing course to the Grid format by visiting your course and clicking 'Edit settings' in the course administration block. Scroll down, expand the 'Course format' section, and change 'Format' to Grid. You will see the page refresh to display a number of options for the Grid format.

    Scroll down and click 'Save and display' to save your changes.

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