Launching of PRISM Webinars / Informational Videos - Fall 2020

Launching of PRISM Webinars / Informational Videos - Fall 2020

by Bob Jackson -
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This Fall, the PRISM team is launching a series of webinars or informational videos on online learning and LMS applications.   Bob Jackson, PRISM's K-12 Educational Liaison will host the first several videos to launch the program.  It is a desire of the PRISM team that we get member teachers to volunteer to do some webinars or informational videos on online pedagogy and effective LMS applications.  If you are a teacher that is using some of the activities like the lesson activity, the external tool, games and workshops, we would really like for you to share how you are using these through either a live webinar or informational video.  You can also do a webinar or video on online pedagogy discussing your "tips and tricks" that you utilize in being an effective online instructor.  You can also show how you effectively provide resources to your students through a hybrid course.  If you do a recorded video, we will ask you to upload your video to YouTube and send us a link to post on the PRISM website.  If you want to do a live webinar, we would like to ask that you use a Zoom meeting and provide us a date and time that you would like to do the meeting.  We will then invite PRISM members to attend.  

The first informational video is being made available now.  Most of these informational videos will be short, 15-20 minutes in length and contain content on online pedagogy and course design or discussing specific Moodle applications.  The first informational video serves the purpose of introducing this program and Bob has a short discussion on course design and organization of content.  

An important component of this program will be for you to provide the PRISM team with feedback.  After watching an informational video or webinar, please let us know if the information provided is beneficial, ask questions about the specific content, and suggest perhaps better or different ways of doing the same type of activity or instructional method.  We would also like for you suggest topics that you would like to be covered in future informational videos. Please post your comments in a forum on the 2020-2021 PRISM Focus Group course.  If you are not a member of the PRISM Focus Group, contact Bob Jackson at to request to be added as a participant.  This group uses this course for online collaboration and sharing of LMS applications. 

The first informational video is available here:  PRISM Webinar 1.0: Introduction & Course Organization