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Welcome Back - New Moodle Policy

Welcome Back - New Moodle Policy

by Patricia Carlson -
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Hello All:

Welcome back to the beginning of a new academic year. The PRISM team is committed to helping you and your students work with exciting new digital resources. Please let us know how we can help.

In this regard, let me alert you to a slight change in one of our major instructional components. As you may know, we offer a Moodle service for those of you interested in using an online course management system. Moodle is a sound and secure system. However, as with any online service, precautions must be taken to ensure that the privacy rights of children are protected. Moodle recently posted security recommendations based on FERPA. You can read these recommendations here: These guidelines necessitate a change in how you set up your PRISM/Moodle class accounts.

In the past, teachers building courses in Moodle were able to use the “guest user” feature to allow the general public into their courses. Unfortunately, this practice – while very convenient – has the potential to turn into a security breach. Therefore, we have changed our Moodle configuration to no longer allow guest users into courses.

Parents or other authorized users can still access the course and your information page. However, they will need to become a PRISM member (taking about two minutes) and you will need to add them to your course roster.

This new policy affects only the users of Moodle. For those of you who are using our free collection of digital resources, you may still use this component without having a PRISM account.

We know you share our goal of protecting confidential information and will help us to make the learning environment safe, user-friendly, and FERPA-compliant. If you have any questions, please let me know. Again, best wishes for the new semester. It’s a great time to be an educator in Indiana.


Pat Carlson
PRISM Project Director