RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a labor-saving tool that allows people to tune into information sources that interest them. The information source could be a blog, podcast, or any website that includes RSS feeds. One can subscribe to a number of RSS feeds, which are topic listings from the source website, and monitor multiple information streams with a minimal amount of effort.

PRISM users may embed RSS feeds into their courses via the Remote RSS feed block. RSS can be used effectively to add a word of the day, news from the Indiana Department of Education, or any number of other educationally relevant subjects to your course that are available in an RSS feed.

To add RSS feeds to your course, select "Remote RSS Feeds" from the 'Add a block' drop-down menu.

A block with the title 'Remote News Feed' will be added to your course just above the 'Add a block' block:


To set up the RSS Feed, click the gear icon within the block. Then click 'Configure a Remote news feed block' in the drop-down menu that appears.




The following page will display:


Now, click the 'Add/edit feeds' link. You should see the following page displayed:



If you already have existing RSS feeds you will see them listed. Click the 'Add a new feed' button. You should see the following page:



Paste your RSS feed link in the 'Feed URL' entry box.

For example, the RSS feed to NASA's breaking news:

You may give the RSS feed a custom title, however, most RSS feeds will supply their own title so you can leave this blank.

Now click the 'Add a new feed' button. You should now see the previous Feed page showing your new RSS feed.


Now, you'll need to go all the way back to your main course page. Look for the navigation bar at the top of your page:


To return to your course, click your course short name. In the example above, the correct link to click is 'RNS-Math'.

Now you should see your course again. Turn Editing On and scroll down and look for the Remote News Feed block. Click the  icon within the block again. Select 'Configure a Remote news feed block':


You should see the follow page again:



Your RSS feed will not operate correctly until you select it from the 'Choose the feeds which you would like to make available in this block' section.  You should see the newly added RSS feed listed in the box. Click to highlight that feed.

Once you have the feed highlighted, scroll down, and click the 'Save changes' button. You do not need to add any text to the Title field. 

Now, you should be returned to your course. Scroll down and look for the Remote News Feed block. The title of the block should now reflect your feed and you should see the RSS feed stories listed.


Part of the fun in adding a RSS block is finding them. If you Google "RSS feeds," or "RSS education feeds," you should get a really good start. Sites that are compendiums of RSS feeds are also a good source. Here are a few:

Improve Your Vocabulary by the Learning Nerd


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