The Questionnaire module allows users to complete online feedback style forms using a variety of user input methods. It allows you to create your own questions, unlike the Choice activity module that is built into Moodle.

To create a Questionnaire:

  • Turn Editing On in your course
  • Pick a section in your course that you would like the Questionnaire to reside, then click the "+Add an activity or resource" link in any section of your course.


Select the 'Questionnaire' option. Now click the 'Add' button.

You will now see the Editing Questionnaire page. Give the Questionnaire a Name and an optional Description, then scroll down.


If needed, you may set an Open Date and a Close Date for your Questionnaire in the Timing section.


Scroll down, and you will reach the Response Options settings in the Response options section.


Here are the descriptions for each option:


  • Respond many (default) - Allows each user to respond multiple times
  • Respond once - Allows each user to only respond once to the Questionnaire
  • Respond daily - Allows one response from each user each day
  • Respond weekly - Allows one response from each user each week
  • Respond monthly - Allows one response from each user each month

Respondent Type

  • fullname (default) - Records the user's full name with their submitted Questionnaire
  • anonymous - Does not record the user's full name with their submitted Questionnaire

Students can view ALL responses

  • Never (default) - Only teachers of the owning course can see all questionnaire submitted responses
  • After answering the questionnaire - This allows students to see all responses after answering a questionnaire that is set to respond once only. If a questionnaire is set to respond more than once, then students cannot see all responses unless you use one of the next two options.
  • After the questionnaire is closed - Students can view responses only after the questionnaire is closed.
  • Always - Students always see responses.

Save/Resume Answers (default: No)

Setting this option allows users to save their answers to a questionnaire before submitting them. Users can leave the questionnaire unfinished and resume from the save point at a later date.

Submission grade

Allows you to set a grade for the Questionnaire.

Scroll down and click Save and display.

Now you will see the following page:


Click the Add Questions button.

Now you will see an interface that allows you begin adding questions to your Questionnaire.


Now, from the drop-down list, select the type of question you would like to add first.

In this example, I will select 'Check Boxes' and click the 'Add selected question type' button.

Now you will see an interface to add the 'Check Boxes' question.



  • Enter the Question Name
  • Select the Response Required option - If you select No, participants do not have to answer this question
  • The Min. forced responses and Max. forced responses options let you control limits on the number of check marks required
  • Enter the Question Text
  • Enter the Possible answers - be sure to separate each possible answer with a line break
  • Click the 'Save changes' button.

Now you will return to the Questions tab and you will see your new question listed.


You can now continue to add more questions to your Questionnaire. The available question types are:

  • Check Boxes
  • Date
    Dropdown Box
  • Essay Box
  • Label
  • Numeric
  • Radio Buttons
  • Rate (scale 1..5)
  • Text Box
  • Yes/No

If you would like to see what your Questionnaire will look like, click the 'Preview' tab.

For more information, please see:

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