The choice activity allows you to create polls from within your course.

To add a choice activity, turn editing on and click the "+Add an activity or resource" link in any section of your course. You will see the following:

Activity Chooser

Select the 'Choice' option.

You will then see the following page:



The Choice name entry box is where you name your choice poll. This title will appear in your course as a link to the choice poll.

The Description is where you may put instructions for the choice poll. The information you enter will appear above the poll choices. Note that the HTML editor is present, so you may add images, styled text, etc.

You can also choose whether to display the choice options either horizontally or vertically.

Scroll down and you will see the Options section. You will see the Limit the number of responses allowed setting. This will allow you to limit the number of response for one of your poll choices. For example, if you have a poll choice of 'Red', you can set a limit on how many people can select 'Red'.

Scroll down and you can enter your poll choices.


If you need more choices for your poll, simply click the 'Add 3 fields to form' button.

Scroll down and you will see the Availability section:


You can set your poll to open and close at specific dates.

In the Results section you can choose whether students see the results.


Show column for unanswered will display a list of students who have not completed the poll.

Scroll down and click 'Save and display'.

Now you will be taken to your choice activity.


For more information, please see:

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