The Attendance activity allows teachers to be able to take attendance during class.

Students can view their own attendance record when they visit their courses.

To add the activity in your course:

  • Turn editing on in your course
  • Pick a section in your course for the activity to reside. For this activity, the top section is usually best.
  • Click the "+Add an activity or resource" option.


Select the Attendance option and click the Add button.

You will now see the following:


Enter a name and scroll down. Note that you can assign a Grade to attendance, if desired. Click 'Save and display'.

You will see the following:


Now, select the Status set tab on the page. The Attendance Settings page will display:


The Status set tab allows you to set names and point values for the attendance grades. You can edit, hide, and add additional options via this tab.

Make any changes, then click the Update button to return to the Attendance activity.

In order to track attendance, you must create a session.

Click the Add session tab and you will see the following:


For a class that meets daily, expand the Multiple sessions branch and you will see additional options:


For this example, this class will meet on Monday - Friday for 6 weeks, so the Repeat every setting was kept at 1 week and the Repeat until setting was set to 6 weeks ahead:


Now, note the Student recording branch. If desired, you can allow students to mark their attendance when they visit the course. This is optional.

Now click the Add button and you will see the following:


26 class sessions were automatically generated.

Now, to take attendance, click the red right-arrow on any of the sessions and you will see the following:


Here, you can record attendance for each student and also enter any remarks for the individual.

Once you've entered the attendance, click the Save attendance button to return to the main Attendance activity. You will see the interface has slightly changed for the entry that was just recorded:


Clicking the green arrow will allow you to change any existing entered attendance values.

The Attendance activity also features a block that can be added to a course. 

To add the block:

  • Turn editing on
  • Find the Add a block drop down menu
  • Select Attendance

Once added, you will see:


From this block, you can directly access the current day's attendance session by clicking Take attendance.

For more information about the Attendance activity:

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