To add a Forum to your course, turn editing on and click the "+Add an activity or resource" link in any section of your course. You will see the following:

Activity Chooser 

Select the 'Forum' option.

Give your forum a descriptive name in the Forum name field. The forum name will appear later as the link to the forum in your course. If you want instructions at the top of the forum activity, enter a description in the 'Description' area.

Add Forum

You may also choose to subscribe your course users to your Forum. If you choose to subscribe them, they will receive emails when new forum posts are created. You can find these settings in the Subscription and tracking branch.

If you are using Groups in your course, you will find the Groups settings in the Common module settings branch.

Now click the 'Save and display' button.

Your forum will now appear:

Add Forum

Initially, your forum has no discussions. To add the first discussion, click the 'Add a new discussion topic' button. The following will be displayed:

Add Forum


Enter a Subject and then put your discussion item or question in the Message area. Note that this text entry box does use the HTML Editor, so you can use styled text, graphics, and all the other elements included in that toolbar.

Click the "Post to forum" button. If you've made a mistake, you have 30 minutes in which you can edit your forum posting.

You will now return to your forum. You will see your new discussion listed.

Add Forum 

Clicking on the subject, "Welcome", takes you to the actual discussion text where students may reply.

Add Forum

Please note: The News forum is a special forum included at the top of each course. It's special as it's tied to the Latest News block, if you have it added to your course. Forum subjects posted in the news forum appear in the latest news block. Many teachers use this forum to make course announcements. Students cannot reply to messages posted in the News forum.

For more information about Forums:

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