The PRISM team offers the highest quality resources for Indiana teachers. We help K-12 teachers embrace digital learning tools as extensions of their own dynamic presence in the classroom. Our goal is to move beyond mere surface appeal in order to integrate computer-mediated learning tools into traditional STEM curricula.

PRISM makes no explicit or implied warranty for data security and accepts no liability of any kind for any harm, damage, or loss which any persons or organizations may incur as a result of using PRISM.

In using any of the PRISM resources - but particularly Moodle - it is important to keep these points in mind:

  • PRISM is not intended for commercial purposes. Persons hosting courses on the PRISM Moodle server may not charge a fee for these services. Persons hosting courses on the PRISM Moodle server or developing/storing lesson plans may not charge a fee for these services.
  • Each public school corporation in Indiana has adopted an Internet Acceptable Use Policy. When using PRISM, individuals must comply with the policies set by their school district. The PRISM member is responsible for ensuring that his or her materials and Internet activities meet the guidelines for Acceptable Use.
  • Any use of PRISM components must conform to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Users who have questions should check with their designated school or district administrator in charge of compliance. PRISM does not accept any responsibility for infractions of FERPA or for any violations of student privacy.
  • Users using the Google Drive integration agree that Google may access their data via logging-in using the Google Drive Integration services.
  • PRISM accounts and courses inactive for more than two years are subject to removal from the system.

Using PRISM constitutes consent to these terms and conditions. Be assured that the PRISM team is committed to quality and excellence.

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