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Schools and educators are provided full access to the learning management system hosted by PRISM to create and facilitate an unlimited number of academic courses. The PRISM Team provides FREE online training to PRISM members on digital pedagogy and learning management system applications.

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    PRISM Website Downtime

    by Ryan Smith -

    The PRISM website will be unavailable on 2/4/23 at 10:00 PM EST for approximately one hour due to software updates.

    PRISM Newsletter - Volume 13, Issue 1

    by Nicki Manion -

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     Full Newsletter Volume 13, Issue 1 

    Featured Articles

     What Can PRISM Do For You?

     Read about the resources you can use in your classroom and services PRISM can provide for your school. 

    Congratulations to 2022 IDOE Grant Recipients  

     Digital Learning Grant: Evansville Vanderbaugh School Corporation & North Central Parke School Corporation

    STEM Integration Grant: Anderson Prep Academy & Matchbook Learning

    The PRISM Program assisted these schools with getting these grants. 

     January is National Mentoring Month: PRISM EMERGE, supported by Ball Venture Foundation, is a tele-mentoring program to enhance both career awareness and academic achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for at-risk 9th grade girls.

     Read from various participants and their experience in EMERGE Mentorship Program

     EMERGE Mentorship Program - Expansion

    Plans are underway to expand this program to other schools in Indiana. If you would like to learn more about how to start an EMERGE Program in your school, please email Nicki Manion, Assistant Director of PRISM Project at Rose-Hulman. 

    PRISM Upcoming Event


     PRISM Sustainable Energy Boot Camp

    Sponsored by Duke Energy

    Dates: July 16-21, 2023

    Pre-Registration: If you’re interested in participating, fill out the form here.

    Location: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Campus

    To learn more about the boot camp, click here. 

    Professional Development Opportunities 

     Accepting New Applications!

    Applications are open NOW through January 20 for teachers new to STEM Teach! Click on link to apply.



     Math and Science: Opening Doors to the Future Conference

    Visit the conference webpage to learn more.


    Scholarship Opportunity: To apply for a scholarship, fill out the form online. Application and payment are due February 1, 2023, prior to the annual conference.

     Monthly Updates

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    Sustainable Energy Boot Camp Pre-Registration

    by Nicki Manion -

    Professional Development for Teachers  

      PRISM Sustainable Energy Boot Camp 

    Sponsored by Duke Energy  

    Boot Camp Dates: July 16-21, 2023

     Pre-Registration: If you’re interested in participating, fill out the form here.

     Location: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Campus

     To learn more about boot camp, click here.

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