Indiana University High School Turnkey Courses

Indiana University High School Turnkey Courses

by Bob Jackson -
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Attention:  Indiana High School Teachers:

The Indiana Department of Education has partnered with Indiana University High School to make available high school turnkey courses for Indiana teachers to implement. These are full courses, aligned to Indiana standards, that can be adopted, adapted, or adjusted by Hoosier teachers to meet the needs of students in their own courses. The courses can be implemented both synchronously and asynchronously, in a variety of models. Teachers can edit courses and add their own resources to supplement them as necessary in providing resources to their students.  These are very basic frameworks for a course and are not comprehensive curricula for each unit of study.  However, basic frameworks are provided for all units in a given course.  

The PRISM staff has put each of each of these courses into Moodle courses. The Moodle courses are available to all teachers. Teachers can request to be added as a participant to each course to preview resources and activities. Teachers can download Moodle backup versions of a course and restore on another Moodle server if needed. The PRISM team can also provide a teacher with his/her own version of each of the courses on PRISM's Moodle server.  If a teacher chooses to get his/her own version of an IU turnkey high school course, this teacher can add, redevelop, edit the new version of the course as needed and customize to his/her own course needs.  The new version will only be accessible by the teacher and students that are enrolled by that teacher.  

These courses can be found here.  If you have further interest in using one or more of these courses and need assistance please contact Bob Jackson at: