CS Workshops - Lots of Seats Available

CS Workshops - Lots of Seats Available

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Sign-up to participate in FREE CS Workshop on the Rose-Hulman campus.  

  • FREE CS Boot Camp 6-day residential: July 23-28
  • Integrating CS 1-day FREE workshop: August 1st or 3rd
  • Python 2-day FREE workshop: August 2-3 or August 17-18
  • Fall 4-day FREE workshop: TBD for August or October
  • Cybersecurity 1-day FREE workshop: September 9th or 16th
  • Robotics Programming 2-day FREE workshop: August 17-18, August 25-26, August 28-29, August 30-31, or November 20-21

Link to register here.

Incentives may include:

  • For K-12 Teachers: Mileage, Lodging, Meals, Per Diem/Stipend, PGP Points, and All Curricular Materials.
  • For Schools: Reimbursement of Sub Pay for workshops during school day.